Free Registration for Crossplane Community Day May 4th - Virtual

The agenda for the next Crossplane Community Day is live, and it’s energizing to see the momentum our community has created. That momentum includes new users, new contributors and new use cases. This Community Day has all the hallmarks of an inflection point for the growth and adoption of Crossplane.

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When we started Crossplane in 2018 we had a vision of using the control plane approach that Kubernetes pioneered to manage all infrastructure. It’s really amazing to see this play out a short few years later. We are thrilled by the adoption of Crossplane in both the end-user and vendor community.

To help cultivate diversity and inclusion in open source, the community actively sought to build an agenda and roster of speakers that reflects the range of skill in our community. To that end, the Crossplane Community Day program earned the Diversity and Inclusion badge from the CNCF this year!

The virtual event on May 4 (part of KubeCon and CloudNativeCon Europe 2021) features lightning talks and panels from users of and contributors to the Crossplane project. I’m going to kick things off with a keynote titled, “Crossplane at the Crossroads,” in which I’ll offer a level-set to old and new members of our community regarding how the project and its user base have grown, as well as how the ecosystem around Crossplane is evolving to make provisioning cloud native infrastructure more automated, reliable and efficient. Lightning talks and panels will follow, including insights from industry leaders at organizations that include Absa Group, Accenture, Appvia, AWS, Cloudcheckr, CodeFresh, Dell, DevOps Institute, Equinix, Google, Guidewire, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat and VSHN.

Joining Upbound as sponsors of community day are AWS, Red Hat and VSHN.  

Crossplane Community Day Agenda

  • WELCOME: Dan Mangum, Program Committee Member
  • KEYNOTE: Crossplane at the Crossroads – Bassam Tabbara, Founder & CEO, Upbound
  • KEYNOTE: The Robots are Coming - Jay Pipes, Principal Engineer at AWS
  • Outgrowing Terraform – Nic Cope, Principal Software Architect, Upbound, and Dalorion Johnson, Software Engineer, Guidewire
  • Crossplane and Promises – Steve Cavallo, DevOps Manager / Principal DevOps Engineer, Cloudcheckr
  • Bringing The Cloud To Kubernetes – Matthew Christopher, Microsoft; Dan Mangum, Upbound; Joyce Ma, Google; and Jay Pipes, AWS; moderated by Nic Cope, Upbound
  • Constructing Building Blocks for Production Grade Cloud Native Deployments (with Crossplane) – Hasan Türken, Software Engineer, Upbound
  • Notes from Crossplane Newbs – Jeremy Tanner, Senior Developer Advocate, and Gianluca Arbezzano, Principal Engineer, Equinix
  • Crossplane - An Extensible Approach in Distributing Workloads – Jason Bonafide, Principal Software Engineer, Dell
  • Connecting the (Platform) Pieces for Automated CI/CD – Jan Willies, Platform Architect, Accenture
  • Cloud-Init with Crossplane – Marques Johansson, Principal Engineer, Equinix
  • How to Build Your Own PaaS from the Cloud Native Landscape – Jared Watts, Founding Engineer, Upbound
  • The How & Why for Building Crossplane Providers – Krish Chowdhary, Software Engineer, Red Hat
  • Scaling Kubernetes Global Balancer with Crossplane – Yury Tsarev, Principal Engineer, Absa Group
  • Self-Service Provisioning with the Crossplane Service Broker – Tobias Brunner, Co-CEO / Product Owner, VSHN AG
  • OCI Images for More Than Containers – Jon Johnson, Software Engineer, Google
  • Deja Vu: Let's think about security again! – Shripad Nadgowda, Senior Software Engineer, IBM Research, and Paolo Dettori, Sr. Technical Staff Member, IBM
  • Secure, Least Privilege Cloud Service Provisioning with Crossplane – Lewis Marshall, SRE/Tech Evangelist, Appvia Ltd
  • Emerging Trends in Cloud Engineering: Platform as Product, APIs, Self-service & More – Alex Jones, DevOps Institute Ambassador; Brian Gracely, Red Hat OpenShift; Katie Gamanji, CNCF; and Viktor Farcic, Shipa

We hope everyone in the community can join us on May 4. Share the agenda and registration link across your social graphs, as this Community Day is likely to be the beginning of bigger things for our project and its mission of using Kubernetes to give DevOps the capabilities it needs to go beyond infrastructure as code to something more powerful and sustainable.

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