Crossplane Updates: v0.3 & Beyond

Upcoming releases focus on broad community engagement & adoption

Following the announcement of GitLab deployed in multiple clouds using Crossplane, the community is pleased to share news about the upcoming release of v0.3, and the longer term Crossplane roadmap: building out the foundation for the community and ecosystem to deploy and manage real-world applications in any cloud, based on the standardised Kubernetes API.

Community engagement & development

The Crossplane community has worked to define, document, and implement the patterns and best practices for building controllers to deploy services and applications across multiple cloud environments. This engineering effort allows the whole community to start building their own controllers and support for more clouds and services.

The  control plane can now be extended with support for new cloud providers and services that are built and published external to the Crossplane source repository. This extension mechanism allows the community to build new functionality for the platform that is released and versioned independently from Crossplane, greatly improving the flexibility of community support.

Scheduling applications

Users can now model complicated applications as a single schedulable unit that will be orchestrated and deployed to the cloud or cluster of their choice.  This support is essential for real-world applications such as GitLab, ensuring that their many critical components and services are successfully deployed and running in multiple clouds.

Upbound is excited by the community’s reception of Crossplane. Crossplane is a key open source project that leverages the Kubernetes API and ecosystem that is driving how the community can rethink APIs, and provide a standardized way of composing and deploying applications in any cloud.

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