Securely connect to cloud services without leaving Kubernetes

Applications can now securely consume the managed services they need (RDS, CloudSQL, Azure DB) with integrated Crossplane v0.3 cloud networking and security resources – all from kubectl!

Secure connectivity series for AWS, GCP, and Azure Stacks

This week we’ll explore secure connectivity in more detail:

Manual steps were required in v0.2

Crossplane v0.2 resources were v1alpha1 and didn’t support secure connectivity between app deployments running in a Kuberntes cluster and the cloud services they needed to consume. This resulted in manual steps to provision networks, subnets, and secure managed service access using cloud GUIs and CLIs.

Integrated cloud networking and security in v0.3

Crossplane v0.3 supports integrated cloud networking and security from kubectl, so you can provision securely connected managed services (RDS, CloudSQL, Azure DB) without leaving Kubernetes. Stacks for AWS, GCP, and Azure have moved out-of-tree, resources are now v1alpha2, and the new API Reference documents all networking and security resources now available in v0.3.

Complete environments (Kubernetes clusters, networking, security) can now be provisioned from a Crossplane control cluster, with managed service provisioning that enables Kubernetes applications to consume securely connected cloud services using kubectl.

Cloud service provisioning can also be added to existing clusters by installing Crossplane directly onto the target cluster. Crossplane is designed to integrate with existing cloud networks, projects, and resource groups, so managed services like RDS, CloudSQL, and Azure DB can be provisioned for Kubernetes apps in existing clusters using kubectl, now with secure connectivity.

Additional cloud providers and cloud services can be added to Crossplane using established patterns for secure connectivity in the AWS, GCP, and Azure Stacks, in conjunction with our new Services Developer Guide. If you’d like to consume cloud services using kubectl but don’t see support for the cloud provider or cloud services you need, please let us know!

Beyond v0.3

This is an exciting step towards policy-driven security automation to simplify cloud security configuration that is often complex and error-prone. We have some great community collaboration in this area, so stay tuned for further developments.

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There are many different ways to get involved in the Crossplane project, both from the user side and the developer side. Please join us in helping the project continue to grow on its way beyond the v0.3 milestone as we move from alpha to beta over the coming months!

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