Videos from Control Plane Day with Crossplane 2023

We’re excited to announce the talk recordings from Control Plane Day with Crossplane, presented by Upbound, are now available!

Kubernetes Control Plane Liftoff đŸ›« was the theme of our recent community event. Hundreds of community members from around the world gathered on September 19 for a live online event featuring technical talks and networking with peers, project maintainers, and engineers building platforms powered by Crossplane. Check out the highlights from the event.

State of Crossplane

Bassam Tabbara, creator of Crossplane and founder/CEO of Upbound, shared an overview of Crossplane at five years and provided a glimpse of the future ahead.

Bassam reflected on the world Crossplane entered five years ago, where companies began standardizing on Kubernetes. Not only was Kubernetes a force for standardization, but it was also the basis for what Crosplane was built on. Now with over 1,600 contributors and 80,000 contributions, the project and community is continuing to grow. Teams are building everything from Internal Developer Platforms (IDP) to cloud-native Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Crossplane. Are you using Crossplane? Add your name to our adopters list on GitHub.

Bassam announced the following:

  • Crossplane Charter expansion: The charter of the project was expanded to enable the project to support a broader range of scenarios and use cases.
  • Upjet provider donation: The Crossplane steering committee voted to accept the donation of Upbound’s provider framework (Upjet) as well as key Crossplane providers for the major cloud providers.

Panel: Declarative Configuration: Past, Present, and Future

Rachel Stephens, senior industry analyst with RedMonk, moderates a discussion about declarative configuration with Kelsey Hightower and Viktor Farcic, two popular developer advocates. From the early days of configuration management and Infrastructure as Code (IaC), to the present and future of control planes and natural languages, they offer their insights.

Self-Driving Cloud Infrastructure with Crossplane

This talk was presented by Marco Massenzio, principal engineer at Cruise. Cruise operates the most advanced fleet of self-driving cars across several metro areas in the US, with plans to expand rapidly across the country and internationally: with rapid growth in fleet size and geographic footprint comes an unprecedented demand for safety, scale and availability which in turn requires their cloud resources to be deployed across multiple regions, stacks and environments.

They have used Crossplane to abstract the most commonly used set of cloud resources (including Spanner, Redis, PubSub, and others) so that their team can meet complex (and changing) requirements from their service teams with only a few lines of YAML, complementing our Kubernetes-based PaaS infrastructure.

Getting Started with Troubleshooting and Observability in Crossplane

This talk was presented by Christina Andonov, a Senior Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS, where she guides organizations through the implementation of Internal Developer Platforms. Christina focuses on effective techniques for troubleshooting Crossplane nested composite resources. Additionally, she covers essential observability using Prometheus metrics, empowering you to manage Crossplane in production with confidence.

Composition Functions in Production

VSHN AG has been using Crossplane's Composition Functions in production since its release. In this talk, Tobias Brunner, CTO of VSHN AG, explains what Composition Functions are and how they are used to power crucial parts of the VSHN Application Catalog (AppCat). He also introduces VSHNs custom open source gRPC server which powers the execution of Composition Functions. In this talk, learn how to leverage Composition Functions to spice up your Compositions.

Q&A with the Crossplane Maintainers

What is the most common use case for Crossplane? Where are people getting the biggest value from the project? These are just some of the questions asked.

Pete Lumbis, a Crossplane docs expert, moderates an ‘all about Crossplane Q&A’ discussion with four key maintainers of Crossplane: Ezgi Demirel of Upbound, Nic Cope of Upbound, Bob Haddleton of Nokia, and Jared Watts of Upbound.

Want a full take of the questions and answers on and offline? Stay tuned for a post from Pete with all the details.

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