5 Ways You Can Support the Crossplane Community

Reflecting on Crossplane’s fifth birthday and working together on its continued growth, we’re asking for your community support.

We’re building the Crossplane control plane framework alongside all of you and encourage your support of the open source project in a few ways! Here are five ways you can support the project, whether you’re new, have some knowledge, getting back into the project, or are experienced.

1: Star ⭐ and follow the project on GitHub

Go to GitHub to hit the star button on the project. This is not only a quick and easy way to support the maintainers and contributors today. It also helps the project to continue getting discovered.

2: Join the conversation in our Slack community

Join the Crossplane Slack. Every experience level is welcome. We encourage your participation from your initial exploration, when you try Crossplane out, all the way to deeper experiences with the project. Participate in the Crossplane Slack by reading and staying up to date on the latest project updates, asking questions, helping answer questions that others may have, participating in Special Interest Groups (SIGs) on a topic you’re passionate about, and more.

3: Contribute to the project on GitHub

After you’re working with Crossplane, if you see an area for improvement–contribute directly to the project! Open an issue, commit to the project, comment on an existing issue, share an idea or feedback, contribute to the docs, and more.

Build on top of Crossplane and create, manage, and publish open source Crossplane packages, like a provider or function, in the marketplace. Head to https://github.com/crossplane/crossplane/tree/master/contributing to get started.

4: Add your company to the adopters list

🗳️Fill out this form or directly add your company to the Crossplane adopters list on GitHub. This is essential for moving the project forward towards CNCF Graduation and adding validation for more members to join.

5: Share your Crossplane story

Help others in the community learn from your experiences by sharing your story. Contact our community team at community@crossplane.io to propose a blog post or even submit a video for our YouTube channel about your Crossplane use case.

All the ways to join the conversation

Get involved with Crossplane in the way that works best for you.

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