Welcoming 2 New Members to the Crossplane Steering Committee

Since its introduction, the Crossplane project has followed an open governance model that promotes transparency, inclusivity, and community participation in the decision-making processes for the project.

Upbound created the Crossplane project over 5 years ago, and has stewarded its development through many significant milestones. As the founder of the project, I am extremely thankful and proud of the expanding contributions and engagement from the entire community. Over the 85 releases to date, we’ve seen 1,800+ contributors leave their mark on the project across 90,000+ contributions. These contributors come from more than 335 different organizations. As we’ve seen more companies getting involved with the project, we have seen Upbound’s percentage of overall commits decreasing over the last year, from 41% down to 30%. This is a great sign that more adopters are getting involved and the diversity of contribution sources is increasing, which only makes the project and its community more sustainable for future growth.

In the last two years since the project entered the incubation stage in the CNCF, the project has demonstrated dramatic growth in the following key metrics:

  • PR authors (contributors making code changes) have grown 3.5x from 184 to 658 people
  • Contributing companies have grown 3x from 105 to 338 companies
  • Crossplane is now in the top 10% of all CNCF projects even ahead of influential and graduated CNCF projects like etcd, Flux, Harbor, Helm, Keda, and Vitess.

Today, we are taking another step forward in maturing the project’s governance. We’re excited to welcome Brian Lindblom from Apple and Bob Haddleton from Nokia to the Crossplane Steering Committee, which is the highest level of leadership in the project and is responsible for overseeing its overall health and success.

Brian and Bob have brought their critical end-user perspective to their involvement with the project for many years now, and have championed the use of Crossplane at their respective companies, as well as across the community. They join members from Upbound currently on the steering committee.

Brian is a Data Infrastructure Engineer for AI/ML at Apple.

Brian Lindblom

Bob is Director of R&D Innovation, Advanced Technology Studio, CNS Product & Engineering at Nokia. Bob is also a maintainer on core Crossplane.

Bob Haddleton
"Crossplane has revolutionized the way we think about modeling and abstraction of resources and complexity. The ability to define custom APIs and implement them across a wide variety of platforms and cloud providers allows us to create simple, reusable services as building blocks and combine them as needed into larger, more complex offerings." – Bob Haddleton, Nokia

We warmly welcome these two to the steering committee and look forward to continued collaboration together as we deepen our commitment to the growth and adoption of Crossplane as the cloud-native control plane.

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