Crossplane 1.15, proposal for CNCF graduation – Crossplane Community News February 2024

Crossplane 1.15 is here. We’ve added two new members to the Crossplane steering committee. We’ve submitted a proposal to the CNCF to move the project towards graduation. And we’re excited to see you at KubeCon Paris! Check out the details in our newsletter below and subscribe to get these updates in your inbox.

What’s New

New release! Crossplane 1.15: This release is all about enhancing the developer experience with the CLI, Composition Functions Python SDK, and more.

Important change: New Default Crossplane Registry in Crossplane 1.15: Starting with Crossplane version 1.15, by default, any packages installed by Crossplane will be pulled from the Upbound Marketplace at ``.

Welcome Apple and Nokia! We’re excited to welcome Brian Lindblom from Apple and Bob Haddleton from Nokia to the Crossplane Steering Committee, the highest level of leadership in the project and responsible for overseeing its overall health and success.

Crossplane proposal to graduate: We’ve proposed to formally move Crossplane from incubation to graduation in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). How you can help today: If you are a fan of the Crossplane project, show your support of this graduation proposal by adding a reaction (like 👍, ❤️, or 🚀). Or, add your company to the public ADOPTERS list.


KubeCon Paris, March 19-22: Meet us at KubeCon EU in Paris. Catch a March 19 talk on Crossplane from creator Bassam Tabbara, other Crossplane talks at co-located events, and all the in-depth talks throughout KubeCon.

Open Source Soirée, March 20: 🎉 Register for our cloud native party featuring Crossplane, Argo, and Kyverno on March 20 at 8 PM local time in Paris. Many thanks to sponsors Upbound, Akuity, and Nirmata.

KCD Texas, April 12, 2024: If you’re in Austin, check out KCD Texas, where Steven Borrelli will present Crossplane for Platform Engineers.

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