Crossplane Community Newsletter - September 2023

👋 The new Crossplane Community Newsletter is here! This wraps up community content on the Crossplane project, cloud native, and control planes. You may have seen many of these updates in our regular community meetings. We wanted to create another format for those of you that want another option to keep up to date with the project.

What’s New

Crossplane 1.13: The latest release of Crossplane is here, with a focus on security, quality, and maturing key features. During this release cycle, we also welcomed two new maintainers (Bob Haddleton (bobh66) and Philippe Scorsolini (phisco)! This release includes the commonly requested feature to “ignore changes” that are owned by external systems such as auto scalers. The security audit is officially complete and the full report and findings are now publicly available. And ICYMI, we discuss how we’re solving the Crossplane Provider CRD scaling problem with Provider Families. Read the announcement blog.

Better docs: The next time you're told to RTFM, don't worry, we've made the M a lot better. We’ve improved the Crossplane documentation with nearly 6,000 new lines of content, including Provider conditions, a guide for Composite Resource Definitions, a detailed explanation of managing connection details in Crossplane, and more. Check it out.

Share your feedback: Calling all Crossplane users! What would you like to see prioritized in the project? How can Crossplane be improved? 🌱Share your feedback in this survey. We'll keep it open for 1 more week!


🎙️ Control Plane Day with Crossplane: Join the community on September 19 for an online event, Control Plane Day with Crossplane, presented by Upbound. The event will include technical content for all levels of experience with Crossplane. Hosted by Viktor Farcic, we will welcome speakers including Kelsey Hightower, Rachel Stephens of RedMonk, Bob Haddleton of Nokia, Christina Andonov of AWS, Tobias Brunner of VSHN, Marco Massenzio of Cruise, and Bassam Tabbara of Upbound. Register.

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