Go deeper with control planes at Level Up with Crossplane, presented by Upbound

Say hello to Level Up with Crossplane, presented by Upbound—a new event series for the community of engineers interested in learning more and getting hands-on with open source Crossplane control planes. This new series is inspired by Control Plane Day and Crossplane Day events you may have attended in the past!

The first Level Up with Crossplane is on May 7 at 4 PM CEST. Presented by Upbound, this two-hour online event is for early to intermediate Crossplane users to build expertise and connect directly with experts about using the project to build their own platforms.

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Each event will have its own unique agenda. For the first one on May 7, we’re focusing on Crossplane 1.15, getting in-depth with Crossplane compositions, diving into testing patterns, and an explainer on handling APIs and CRD versioning. Here’s the detailed agenda:

  • 16:00 CEST: Viktor Farcic kicks off the event.
  • 16:05 CEST: What’s new with Crossplane 1.15 with Philippe Scorsolini. He shares what's new with Crossplane 1.15. Released in February, this latest Crossplane release refined the command line interface (CLI) and introduced functionality that streamlines the development of cloud infrastructure within the control plane paradigm. Updates to composition functions, a new Python SDK, and other improvements will be shared in this brief overview with one of the project leaders. And, catch a little preview of Crossplane 1.16, which is coming soon.
  • 16:20 CEST: A Hands-On Crossplane Tutorial – Implementing Crossplane Compositions with Functions. Philippe follows the talk with a hands-on approach to help you take your Crossplane skills to the next level. This tutorial shows implementing a composition with functions. Philippe will guide you through developing a Crossplane composition using new features in the Crossplane CLI and building a Composition Functions pipeline.
  • 16:45 CEST: A Tutorial on Crossplane Testing Patterns with Yury Tsarev and Steven Borrelli. Steven will demonstrate how to accelerate Composition development using Crossplane’s render and validate CLI options. Yury will demonstrate uptest, an end-to-end testing framework, and discuss the road to uptest 1.0. Learn techniques and tools for testing Crossplane Compositions from developer desktop to CI integration.
  • 17:10 CEST: How to Break Your APIs Without Breaking Your Users and How CRD Versioning Works with David “Murph” Murphy. This is perfect for intermediate and experienced platform engineers. Crossplane enables organizations to create a cloud native platform using Composite Resource Definitions (CRDs) and Compositions. This talk will go through the distinct versioning methods for these resources. Understand how to make non-breaking changes and handle breaking changes as your platform evolves.
  • 17:35 CEST: What’s New with Upbound. Murph gives a brief update on what’s New with Upbound, whose product is powered by Crossplane.
  • 17:50 CEST: Q&A. Speakers finalize answering any of your questions in a Q&A and Viktor wraps up the event.

Have an idea? Submit your talk for a future Level Up with Crossplane event

Are you a platform engineer using Crossplane to build something cool? Have you successfully implemented Crossplane for your company’s internal developer platform (IDP)? Submit your talk for an opportunity to speak at a future Level Up with Crossplane event!

Submit here by the end of the day on May 7 for consideration in the next event happening at the end of June in North America online. Outside of that deadline, other submissions are reviewed by the Crossplane community team on a rolling basis. We welcome new and seasoned speakers alike!


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